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In a sea of faces, am I familiar? 

Do your eyes come into focus only for me?

Does the sight of me looking back at you ignite a spark? 

Has the electricity of our connection left a mark?

I will continue to ponder these questions when and if I ever see you again. 

Until then, my vision of love…


There are times when we all have made eye contact with another that stirred something within our souls. Someone we have peeked at and who has peeked at us. Right down to our core, we feel the warmth, the fire spread from the excitement of that moment. We see people everyday and only once in a great while does that spark occur. But, what do you do with the rare glance that leaves its mark on you?

Nothing. You move on, remembering that brief moment in time when you were…

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The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

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Every January, I reread The Graveyard Book. A rainy day will come, or I’ll be in bed with a cold, and this overwhelming urge to pull it off the shelf again overcomes me. Even the year it was published, I read it again in January. I don’t know why it has such a strong influence on me during this time of year, but I suspect it’s something to do with the sense of mystery that permeates the novel and these early dark days of winter.

I wrote a letter to Gaiman the second or third time I read it, and I searched my computer desperately for a copy because honestly, few things are funnier than seeing me geek out over an author. Unfortunately, although I remember saving a copy before I sent it out, it’s gone now. I can’t even recreate what I wrote, although I know I spent…

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